We do not simply create interior design – we create the interior. We start with creation of concept and we end up dusting off the furniture in a fully equipped premises. DUDES – is a cycle of designer and construction work accompanied by ideas of young and daring professionals. Throughout all the stages our team is the only who works, so there is no one who can spoil the result. All you have to do is to let a cat in the premises. The cat can be also selected by our team.

Larchenkov Dmitry Dude

In 2005 gets an art education in Architectural and Art school in Novopolotsk.
In 2010 graduates from architectural faculty of “Belarusian National Technical University” and gets a higher education with a degree in Architecture.
During 2009 and 2010 works as an architect in “Art workshop-school of professor Aladov”
2010-2013 – works as an architect in LLC “MAGNUS group”. Gets experience in design of administrative, office and industrial buildings.
2013-2015 — works in Production Private Unitary Enterprise “TMV PROJECT” of architect Vinogradova I.K as a head expert on development of the section Master Plan in combination with the post of an architect.
2013-2014 — works under contracts with an architecture studio Ltd. “Arhnuvo”.
2013-2015 — works under contracts on an ongoing basis with the institute “Belgiprotorg”
2014-2015 – works under contracts on an ongoing basis with the company “Sigmapolus” SOOO
Works on the contracts with the company Ltd. “RuhServoMotor”.
2015 – an appraisal as a Head specialist of the section Master plan, an appraisal as the Chief Architect of the project, an appraisal as a Chief engineer of the project.
2015-2017 — works in Ltd. “Architectural firm 35”